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Information"Every man is entitled, if he can, to order his
affairs so that the tax attaching under the
appropriate Acts is less than it otherwise would be"

Lord Tomlin - Duke of Wellington v
Inland Revenue Commissioners - 1936

Informative helpsheets on a wide range of tax and business topics are available for your assistance...

  • Business start-ups
    Advice on what business structure to choose, franchising, raising finance, getting grants, writing business plans and more.

  • Personal tax
    All sorts of information and planning helpsheets on personal tax issues. Anything from child tax credits to venture capital trusts.

  • General business tax
    A collection of different business tax helpsheets including CIS and IR35.

  • Limited Companies
    Helpsheets on a variety of tax and general issues concerning Limited Companies.

  • VAT
    An introduction to VAT, all the different schemes and problem areas.

  • Employment
    Employee tax advice as well as health and safety, working time reg's and more.

  • Capital Taxes
    Capital gains, inheritance tax and stamp duty advice and planning.

  • Business Growth
    All sorts of advice and proven methods to help you become the next Richard Branson.

  • Miscellaneous
    A mixed bag of pensions, accounts software, insurance, year end procedures and more.