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OK sign“What I tell you three times is true”
Lewis Carroll 1832 – 98 The Hunting of the Snark (1876)

Which of these are testimonials from our clients?

Decide for yourself which are real and which ones
we amused ourselves by creating...

"If I had a choice of playing for England or have you look after my tax affairs, you'd come first every time"
D Beckham

"Your tax staff are outstanding. Since starting my tiddly winks manufacturing empire last week, I've received a tax rebate every day."
D Jones

"My bank manager said that because I'm using you he's happy to lend me £1 million unsecured and not to worry if I have any difficulties repaying it"
A Baines

"I think your service is so outstanding, if you want to bill me in advance for the next 10 years work, Id be more than happy to pay."
K James

"Everyone who works for you is so friendly as well as good looking. The wife often spends a lot of time parked outside your offices just in the hope of catching sight of some of your outstanding people"
J Smithers

"In recognition of all that you've done for me, I'm in the process of changing my name to the same as that of your senior partner"
B Burtimer

"If only I'd had you as my accountant when I had my spot of bother with the taxman"
K Dodd

" Would you do me the honour of being best man at my wedding. If in your speech you could enlighten everyone with the full technical details of your outstanding tax planning ideas, I'm sure it'd be the best wedding ever."
A Groom

OK, we've made them all up. But, we're sure you probably don't believe many of the testimonials you read anyway. If you want to speak to some of our real clients who'll tell you all about our service, we'd be more than happy to give you the contact details of a few who receive the kind of service you're looking for. Just contact us for details.

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